Library Apps

With people as likely to access online services from a phone or tablet as they are a PC, apps have become part of everyday life. Patrons can tap into various SCDL services from apps, some of which may not be as obvious as others. To get these apps on your mobile device, check out your app store (Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, etc.). All library apps are free to download.

  • OverDrive: If there’s only one app patrons know about and use, this is probably the one. The OverDrive app allows patrons to download materials from the Ohio Digital Library, and is necessary for reading EPUB e-books, listening to e-audio, and watching video from ODL. The app was formerly called OverDrive Media Console, but the name has been simplified, as has the registration process, so if you ever gave up on the app in frustration because of registration difficulties, you might want to give it another try.  (available for Android, Apple, Windows)
  • Hoopla: Hoopla is another service the library has for e-audio and video, as well as music. All items from Hoopla can be streamed while connected to the internet or downloaded for offline consumption later. (available for Android and Apple)
  • Zinio: Check out magazines using the Zinio website. (Make certain you set up a library account so you are not charged for magazines. Remember: LIBRARY MAGAZINES ARE FREE.) After selecting magazines from the website, download issues to the app for reading anywhere. (available for Android, Apple, Windows)
  • Kindle: Many e-book titles from the Ohio Digital Library are also available in Kindle format. An Amazon account is needed to borrow e-books from ODL, but if you already have an account and the app, why not use it for Library books as well! (available for Android, Apple, Windows)
  • EBSCOHost: Many of SCDL’s databases, including those best suited to researching school assignments, come from EBSCOHost. Access 34 Ebsco databases all from this one app. The authorization process is a little tricky. An e-mail code must be sent, but the link for this code is only available when using the full desktop version of the site. Then the e-mail must be opened from the mobile device and the link within selected to authorize the app. But once that’s done, research to your heart’s content. (available for Android and Apple)
  • Mango: Mango is a database for learning over 60 foreign languages or English as a Second Language. To track progress through lessons, set up an account on the Mango website with a valid e-mail address. The Little Pim lessons specifically designed for children and Premier movie service are not available through the app at this time. (available for Android and Apple)

And those are just the apps for using Library services. Don’t forget that you can follow what SCDL is doing on social networking apps you likely have already. For instance, you could be reading this blog right now using the WordPress app. Or you might have been linked to this blog from our Facebook page, which you accessed through the Facebook app. You can also keep up with the library at Twitter and Flickr right from your mobile device using those apps. In other words, there’s no reason you can’t keep up with your Library from anywhere! (All of these social networking apps are available for Android, Apple, and Windows.)

To find out more about library apps, be sure to stop by the Main Library for Tech Tuesday on October 28 at 3:00 pm.



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