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Car Repair from the Library


The Chilton Library is a comprehensive resource for information on a variety of automobile makes and models, both foreign and domestic, in an easy-to-use search interface. Search your car in this database and read about recalls, scheduled maintenance intervals, repair manuals, and – a recently added feature – labor estimates.

To access this resource go to the library’s website ( and click on the Databases A – Z link beneath the search bar on the homepage. Find and click on the Chilton’s Auto Repair link in our alphabetical listing of databases. The Chilton Library is very easy to use. Simply select the year, make, and model of your vehicle using the menu on the left side of the screen. Your vehicle selection results will appear in four different categories: Repair, Maintenance, Labor Estimating, and Bulletins/Recalls.



Brakes, engine, fuel system, and more – find a tutorial to help you repair your car in this section. Click on any of the plus signs on the left to expand each section and browse repairs. Once you find the repair you’re looking for click on it and a detailed, step-by-step instructions and diagrams will appear on the right side of the screen. To print this information click the Print button at the top of the page.



View recommended maintenance intervals for your vehicle. Use the vehicle configuration filter to find the car you’re looking for; or select your vehicle from a list by clicking the full chart list link above the filter. Chilton will display a maintenance schedule for whatever car is selected. You can enter your own mileage in the field provided, then click Show Service for a more customized schedule. Also recommended is the Look Ahead link where you can view service tables for your next mileage bracket. To view the entire vehicle service schedule click View Full Chart.



Monitor bulletins and recalls to make sure your vehicle is safe and up to standards. This table displays a description of each bulletin/recall, the number, issue date, and type. Click on any of these fields to read and a pop-up of the actual recall will display in your screen.


Labor Estimating

A new feature added to Chilton – estimated labor times for repair/maintenance work. After entering vehicle information you can either search for specific estimates by using the search box; or click on Standard Operations to get a list of options. Find the specific repair or maintenance you are interested in and get recommended labor times for that service.

Stark County District Library is committed to helping you stay smart. Chilton Library is an excellent example of how we do that. Use this resource to help repair your car; ensure it’s safe by checking recalls; or even estimate/compare repair expenses. All from the comfort of your home (or the library.)


How to Manage Your Mobile Device

Smartphones and tablets are handheld computers. Computers come with built-in utilities and tools to customize and manage the operating system (OS), and mobile devices are no different. By becoming familiar with the various settings and configuration options available on your smartphone or tablet, you can get the most out of your device. You’ll undoubtedly discover some helpful features you didn’t know about before, as well as some annoying ones you can disable.

Two types of settings

You can usually configure settings for your mobile device on two different levels—for the system as a whole, as well as the specific apps that are installed on your phone. It’s important to distinguish between the two:

  • System settings apply to the entire device/OS and normally won’t affect the behavior of specific apps. For instance, if you want to change your phone’s background image or turn on your Wi-Fi, you’ll want to look in your general system settings.
  • App settings apply only to the app in question, and the options presented to you by any given app can vary. If you want to change how often your weather app checks for new temperatures, for instance, you would look in the settings for that particular app.


For an Android device, there are two places for two different types of settings. OS settings can be configured under System Settings, normally accessible by launching the Settings app.

App-specific settings can be found by pressing the menu button at the bottom of the screen while using the app.


Apple organizes settings a bit differently for iOS. All settings, both system and app-specific, are located under the Settings utility. Each app which provides custom settings should have a listing.


Find Items Outside Our Catalog

Stark County District Library is committed to helping you stay smart. Our collection is made up of thousands of books, magazines, CDs, DVDs and more to help fulfill this commitment but we can’t order everything. You might find that your search on our site revealed no items in our catalog; or maybe we have the title you’re interested in but only the print book and not audio. What are your options when you find yourself in this position? Is there anywhere else on our site you can look for that item? Can you make a purchase request? Answers are below.


Stark County District Library is one of the dozens of public libraries that make up the resource sharing consortium SearchOhio. Our membership in this consortium allows you access to the more than 10 million items that participating libraries share. If you have already searched our catalog and don’t find what you’re looking for then click on the SearchOhio icon on the left side of the search results page. This opens a new tab with the same search replicated in SearchOhio.

Let’s say you’re looking for the audiobook (on CD) of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. A search for this title on our site will show you that we have the physical book, an e-book and an e-audiobook but not the book on CD. You can continue your search outside our catalog by clicking the SearchOhio icon to the left of your results.


For this particular search the book on CD is the first result (easily identified by the CD icon below the title information.) Simply click the Request Item button and follow the prompts to have that item sent to your home library.

02 - search

SearchOhio items typically arrive in 3 – 5 days. While checked out the item can be renewed just like any of our regular items (assuming there are no holds on the item at the owning library.) And when the item is due simply return it to one of our locations and we’ll mail it back to the owning library.


Stark County District Library is a member of another resource-sharing consortium called OhioLink. OhioLink is very similar to SearchOhio with one exception: SearchOhio consists solely of public libraries; OhioLink consists and public libraries and academic/university libraries. OhioLink gives you access to millions of academic and scholarly materials available at colleges and universities all over the state.

Aside from that difference OhioLink works the same as SearchOhio. Click in a search bar anywhere on our website and perform your search. To see what is available in OhioLink simply click the OhioLink button on the left side of your search results.

03 - OHLink

This opens your search in the OhioLink catalog. If you find something you like click the green Request button and follow the instructions to have the book sent to your home library. We will notify you when it is available for pick up and checkout; when it’s due just return it to one of our locations and we’ll mail it back to the owning library.

04 - OHLink

Materials Request Form

Your third option if you are unable to find an item in our catalog is to submit a purchase request. We’ll purchase the item for you and then (as a thank you for your recommendation) put you first on the item’s waitlist. A link to the purchase request form is above but you can also find it by clicking on the Services tab form any page of our website; then New Books, Bestsellers and More. The Need Something We Don’t Have link is at the top of the page.

Hopefully you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily when visiting We try very hard to offer as many subjects and formats as possible in our collection. If you ever search for an item and do not find what you’re looking for just follow the tips above and you should have your item in no time.