Car Repair from the Library


The Chilton Library is a comprehensive resource for information on a variety of automobile makes and models, both foreign and domestic, in an easy-to-use search interface. Search your car in this database and read about recalls, scheduled maintenance intervals, repair manuals, and – a recently added feature – labor estimates.

To access this resource go to the library’s website ( and click on the Databases A – Z link beneath the search bar on the homepage. Find and click on the Chilton’s Auto Repair link in our alphabetical listing of databases. The Chilton Library is very easy to use. Simply select the year, make, and model of your vehicle using the menu on the left side of the screen. Your vehicle selection results will appear in four different categories: Repair, Maintenance, Labor Estimating, and Bulletins/Recalls.



Brakes, engine, fuel system, and more – find a tutorial to help you repair your car in this section. Click on any of the plus signs on the left to expand each section and browse repairs. Once you find the repair you’re looking for click on it and a detailed, step-by-step instructions and diagrams will appear on the right side of the screen. To print this information click the Print button at the top of the page.



View recommended maintenance intervals for your vehicle. Use the vehicle configuration filter to find the car you’re looking for; or select your vehicle from a list by clicking the full chart list link above the filter. Chilton will display a maintenance schedule for whatever car is selected. You can enter your own mileage in the field provided, then click Show Service for a more customized schedule. Also recommended is the Look Ahead link where you can view service tables for your next mileage bracket. To view the entire vehicle service schedule click View Full Chart.



Monitor bulletins and recalls to make sure your vehicle is safe and up to standards. This table displays a description of each bulletin/recall, the number, issue date, and type. Click on any of these fields to read and a pop-up of the actual recall will display in your screen.


Labor Estimating

A new feature added to Chilton – estimated labor times for repair/maintenance work. After entering vehicle information you can either search for specific estimates by using the search box; or click on Standard Operations to get a list of options. Find the specific repair or maintenance you are interested in and get recommended labor times for that service.

Stark County District Library is committed to helping you stay smart. Chilton Library is an excellent example of how we do that. Use this resource to help repair your car; ensure it’s safe by checking recalls; or even estimate/compare repair expenses. All from the comfort of your home (or the library.)


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