Use ReferenceUSA to help find a new job.


With the holidays soon to be over many folks working seasonal jobs may need to start thinking about what they will do afterwards. One of the SCDL databases can help you find a new job whether it is for part time or permanent work.

If you go to and then scroll down to the “R’s” you will see it is the first one listed.

(A reminder if  you want to see any of the pictures enlarged, just click on them)

pic 1 (2)

Click on “ReferenceUSA” to open it. If you are in the library it will open automatically, if you are at home you will need to enter your library barcode from the back of your library card and your pin number when prompted.

When the database opens you will see a list of Available Databases. You want to choose the one marked “U.S. Jobs/Internships” which is at the top of the right column.


Once that is opened you can do the simple search and since a friend of mine has been looking for a copywriting job I’m going to use that as my search. As I start to type in the word “copy” it gives me a variety of choices I’m going to pick the first one.

pic 3

Then because she wants to move back to Ohio I’ll put in Ohio in the “City, State, or Zip Code” selection box.

pic 4

This particular search pulls up 58 possible jobs in the state of Ohio.

Currently there is not an option to sort the jobs by location or by date posted in this simple  search, but it can be done in the advanced search. I’m hoping that ReferenceUSA is working on changing that function in the near future. Although using the Custom Search Tab will give you more control over the search options.

 pic 5 57 jobs

Since I want my friend to live closer to Canton than Columbus I sorted through the listings and found a posting for a Digital Print Designer at The Creative Group in Cleveland, Ohio that was posted on December 3, 2014.

pic 6

If I click on “Digital Print Designer” it opens a new window that will take me to the job application or allow me to apply for this and other similar jobs by clicking on the appropriate button.

pic 8

Clicking on the “Apply to This Job Only” button will take me to a registration screen where my friend would have to fill out the form to apply for this job. As with many online jobs for this one my friend would have to register with the ONET Resource Center to be able to submit a resume.

pic 8a

Every job listing in ReferenceUSA is not done by the same recruiter so if my friend found another job that she was interested in it might well be from a different online job site so she would have to register with each one separately.

If my friend wanted to know more about the company she could click on “The Creative Group” 

pic 6

and a new window would open up and give her some specific information about the company, such as where it’s located, specific job listings, industry and business profiles, business demographics, a management directory, historical data (sales volume by year and number of employees by year), and a competitors report. Which could be very helpful when interviewing for a new job.

pic 9

Under the Job Listings it also gives you another way to see all the possible company postings and to get to the online recruiter to apply for the position.

pic 10

Good luck with your job search!










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