Are You Pinning?

Last week I asked one of my coworkers if she received the pin I sent her. Immediately after telling me she wasn’t an active pinner I rolled over to her side in my office chair for a quick rundown of the all-embracing world of creative possibility that is Pinterest. Not an hour later she was following her colleagues, pinning fun ideas on new boards to help with her library programs, and downloading the mobile app on her smartphone. A pinning addict was born!


More than a tool to help with work-related projects, the list of possibilities Pinterest has the capacity of inspiring is literally as large as the World Wide Web itself. More commonly used to inspire ideas for recipes, crafting, or home décor, the means of its use is determined by the pinners. Searches can range from something as common as baby shower games to more specific topics like fun ways to cut toast or home remedies for eliminating the mites in your cat’s ear!

funtoast arrow1 catsear

In its most basic essence, Pinterest is a website that allows you to organize and share interesting things you find online in a pinboard style format. Here are some key terms to help get you started:

A Pin (noun) is a picture found on the Internet that, when clicked, will (generally) lead you to a website about that pin. For example, clicking on a pin that represents itself with a picture of black bean salsa will take you to its recipe.

black bean salsa

A Board is a collection of pins that have to do with the same theme. Users make and name their own boards to organize pins. A board named Frugal Living could include pins about budgeting, couponing, stretching meals, or repurposing.


To Pin (verb) is to create a pin and add it to a relevant board. To repin is to pin something another user has created to one of your own boards.


Signing up on is easy as entering an e-mail and password, or by using your Facebook account.

creating an account

Type one of your interests in the search bar, and away you go!


See the colorful links galore of so many awesome ideas you’ll be wishing there were more hours in the day because the possibilities are simply endless!


You’ll get the hang of it in no time and (disclaimer) become downright addicted like every other pinner I’ve ever known.


This is just a basic intro to Pinterest. If you’re interested in learning more, keep an eye out for upcoming Stark County District Library programs such as the Pinterest class I taught here at the Perry Branch in January, or feel free to give me (or one of the other trainers) a call to schedule a sit down and be on your way to getting seriously pinspired!


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