Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + C, X, and V

So many of us are used to point and click to accomplish basic tasks on a computer, or increasingly, tap on a touch screen. But sometimes it’s easier or faster to do what you want by using keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts I use most often are for Copy, Cut, and Paste. To Copy, use the Ctrl key and C at the same time. Cut is Ctrl and X. To Paste either a Copy or a Cut, use Ctrl and V. These shortcuts work in most programs, including Microsoft Word and on the internet.

Why would you want to use any of these? One instance I run into often is transferring text from the internet to a Word document. Internet browsers, whether it be Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, often don’t have menu bars showing by default so that you can click on Edit and then Copy if you want text (or media, such as a picture) copied somewhere else. This means it helps to know other ways to copy something. It can usually be done by using the menu that pops up when you right click the mouse, but the keyboard shortcuts are another option that nearly always work. So, say I’m on a website, and I want to copy something. I highlight it by clicking the mouse cursor at the beginning of what I want, holding down, and dragging to the end of the selection. Once it’s highlighted, I type Ctrl and C at the same time.


With the description of the Workforce database highlighted and copied, I can now come to my Word document and type Ctrl and V at the same time, and the text is pasted into the document.


Sometimes what I want to do is remove something from one point in a document and put it elsewhere. To do this, I first highlight what is to be cut, and then type Ctrl and X at the same time. Then it is simply a matter of placing the cursor where I want the text and typing Ctrl and V to paste it in the new position.

Top: Ctrl+X  Bottom: Ctrl+V
Top: Ctrl+X
Bottom: Ctrl+V



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