Spring Clean Your Device

As you clean out the closets and sweep up the garage this time of year consider also “cleaning” your devices as well. Below are tips on how to improve performance, extend battery life, and adjust settings to help you stay organized on your device.

  1. Boost your batter life. If you want to conserve battery life the first place to look is in your Settings. Minor adjustments can save previous minutes. Visit your Settings app to make these adjustments:
    • Disabling location services or setting screen brightness to automatic could save precious minutes of battery life.
    • Turn off other things like WiFi, Bluetooth, or GPS if you’re not using them.
    • For a more passive (and battery conserving) relationship with your apps consider turning off notifications. When notifications are turned on your phone will check for them every so often (every 5, 10, 30 min etc.) This means your phone is constantly working and therefore diminishing the battery. If you do not like constant notifications – and want to extend battery life – turn these notifications off (by going either to Settings or your Application Manager.) This allows you to get updates when you want them instead of the app always checking for you.
  2. Create space. Make sure there is open space on your phone. If not, create some. The less free space on the smartphone, the slower it will perform over time.
    • Transfer pictures, videos, ringtones, voice memos, etc. to computer and/or delete them.
    • Delete apps. On average most people use 10 apps or less on a regular basis. Discard any/all that you do not regularly use.
    • Check your Call Log and SMS history. These take up a large chunk of memory. Cleaning them out will not only make these apps run more efficiently, but other apps will, too. If you’re not sure how to do this yourself consider an app like History Eraser.
  3. Organize apps. It’s easier to find apps when they are grouped into folders or organized together. For example: put your camera and all your photo editing apps in the same place. This makes them easier to find. Apple devices actually let you create folders (just tap and hold on an app. When it starts shaking drag it on top of another and a folder will be created.) Android devices do not allow for folders but you can still arrange apps by subject (tap and hold on an app then move it around the screen – or even send it to a new screen. This can be done on Apple devices as well.)
  4. Give your device a new look. Change the Wallpaper. Change the Lock Screen. Give it a new look for the new year.
  5. Virus/theft protection. Consider an app like Avast that offers your device some antivirus and malware protection.

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