Find Your Lost Smartphone

Would you be able to find your phone if it was lost or stolen?  Not that long ago my daughter lost her phone twice in one month.  The first time she lost it there was no tracking on it, so it cost us a lot of time and worry before we found it.  We added a tracking app from the Google Playstore and the second time we were able to locate and retrieve the phone within 45 minutes.

Many of us have a lot of information or valuable content on our phones, at least valuable to us, so why not add a tracking app to try and locate it if it’s lost, stolen, or even hiding in the couch cushions?  If you have an Android device there are several free apps in the Playstore that work pretty well for locating a device.  With some of the apps you can not only locate the device but you can also remotely lock it, delete its contents, or make it beep so you can find it even if you had it set on “silent”.  I recommend an app that will let you log into an account that you’ve created so that you can track the phone from another device or computer.  Read the reviews and choose an app that includes remote access so you can locate or manipulate the device remotely.

If you’re worried about someone being nosy and spying on you without your knowledge try some different apps and see how they behave.  My daughter has a free app on her phone and I have a paid one on mine.  We each have access to the others log in information to look for a device, so when she lost her device she called me and asked me to locate it.  However both her app and mine send a text message to the device to let you know it’s being tracked.  If I decide to track my daughter using this method she would know she was being tracked, so I do not do that unless she asks me too or I need to know where she is.  She likes that because she doesn’t want to be monitored secretly every minute, but either of us can look for the phone when it has fallen out of her pocket or been left laying somewhere…again.


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