Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + Z (and Y)

So, you’re working away on something. It could be anything, a paper for school, an online job application, or a Tweet about what you ate for lunch. But then something goes terribly wrong. Your cat jumps on your keyboard, and of course those pesky little paws couldn’t land on Ctrl + S (which is the keyboard shortcut for Save in most programs). No, the lovely fur ball you feed and shelter just did you don’t know what exactly, but that perfect phrase you spent 15 minutes crafting has been deleted.

You are never going to remember what you wrote. Perfection like that is inspired by a Muse, and your cat scratched the Muse’s metaphorical eyes out. The world will forever be denied the most glorious 140 character description of a ham sandwich ever written and it is a lesser place for it.

Now, if you are writing a paper in Microsoft Word, you know that your brilliant, hard work can be recovered by using the back arrow, the Undo button. arrow But you worked hard on your job history for this position you really want, and there’s no Undo button on the Internet. You have to start over, right?


Most of the time, if you type the Ctrl key and the letter Z at the same time, you will undo the last thing you typed (or last action taken). Ctrl + Z works in Microsoft software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) as well as on the internet, and in some other programs. So if you want your followers to know precisely how delicious that ham sandwich was, after politely asking the cat to shoo, type Ctrl + Z, and what was deleted will be restored.

If you should decide after going to all of that work your cat knew best and what you had done deserved to be deleted, Ctrl + Y is what you type to redo your last action.



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