For those of you unfamiliar with Instagram… where have you been for the past five years? Instagram is a photo sharing app for iOS and Android devices, featuring several editing filters that give pictures custom effects.

To create an Instagram account, first download the app to your iPhone or Android device from your app store.

If you have an Instagram account, press the Log In link that displays when you open the app. If you do not yet have an account, when you open the app you will have the option to register with your Facebook account or with your e-mail.

Access your profile by pressing the profile image at the bottom right of the screen.  3a

Change your profile picture and edit your profile information by pressing the blank profile image on the top left of the screen. A list of options will display. Choose an option to select your profile picture.

Accounts are made public by default, but there is an option to make an account private. At any time, you can select EDIT YOUR PROFILE and opt to turn privacy ON to approve follow requests.  From here, you can also change your name, username, bio, password, etc.

From your main profile screen you will see all of the pictures you have uploaded on Instagram. On the menu of options displayed on your profile screen, you can choose to: 6

A. View your photos in a grid

B. View them individually in a column

C. See a map of locations where your photos have been tagged

D. See what photos you have been tagged in


You can add photos to Instagram by uploading pictures already taken from your device’s camera, or by taking a photo from within Instagram by pressing the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.



And now, the fun begins with filtering your photo!

Instagram offers filters which add different pre-determined layers to your photos and give the effect that you’ve altered or professionally edited them. Experiment with the best filter for your selected image.

NOTE: Most filters have their own associated border. To add a border, press the filter and select the square border image on the right. Also displayed is an adjustable filter scale. Adjust the filter with the round blue circle. Press the checkmark to save your changes, or the x to discard these changes.


When you are finished editing your photo, press the blue arrow.



You can also share short video clips with Instagram ranging anywhere from three to fifteen seconds long. To record a video, press the camera button at the bottom of the screen like before, then choose the video recorder option on the right. A video recording screen will appear. The red, round circle is the record button. To the left of the record button is a link you can press to upload a video from your gallery. The forward-facing option link is above the record button. To go back to camera mode, press the camera image on the right.

Choose to film either one continuous segment or several clips spliced together, which allows for some creative stop-motion or animated videos. To create multiple clips, lift your finger off the record button. If you aren’t happy with a previous clip, delete it by pressing the X image. 19

When you’re finished recording your video, press the blue arrow in the top right corner of the screen to add a filter, exactly as you would a photo, only Instagram Video offers different filter options than photo.

After selecting your filter, press the blue arrow in the top right corner to continue to the next screen. From here, you can slide the image through the frames of your video to select a cover frame for your video. Again, press the blue arrow in the top right corner to continue.

For the last step, as before with Instagram photos, you can add a description with hashtags and/or @mentions, add your photo to the photo map, or select which social networks you would like to share with. Press the blue checkmark in the top right corner to upload the video.


Now you’re ready to find users to follow. Chances are many of your social media friends are already using Instagram, and on the top of that, a bunch of celebrities are, too. Head to your profile tab. Press the menu on the top right corner and select “Find Friends.” You may search for friends who have linked accounts to Instagram, or you may input your phone’s contact list to generate further connections.


Instagram’s presence on the web has improved enormously in the last year. Although you can not upload pictures and videos at this time, you can use the web version to edit your profile, comment and like photos, and discover and follow other users. To access your profile, simply navigate to and enter your login info.


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