Learn Programming with Scratch

Scratch is a free, educational programming language used by millions of people around the world. It’s simple interface allows users to quickly and easily learn computer programming concepts by snapping color coded blocks together and build whatever they want – tell a story, create animations, or build a game to name a few. There is a whole Scratch community where users can explore others’ projects. A helpful “See Inside” feature allows you to exam a project’s code and figure out how it was built.

It’s simple design and easy to use interface have made it an extremely popular way to introduce programming to children. As part of the library’s Summer Reading activities we’ll be offering a few Scratch programs for teens all summer long. We’ll introduce the basics of Scratch, show you how to explore others’ work and then get started on our own creation. The theme for Summer Reading this year is Every Hero Has a Story – we’ll use Scratch to make our own hero and tell his/her story. Visit the Library’s Events page to see dates, times, and locations for this program.

If you are not a teen or can’t make it to the program no big deal! We have plenty of materials about how to use Scratch for checkout; or you can just visit the site, click the “Create” button and start your programming adventure.


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