Keyboard Shortcuts: Ctrl + Click

When it’s available, Ctrl + Click can be the biggest time saver of all the keyboard shortcuts I’ve talked about so far. In certain programs and from some websites, if you hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the mouse, you can select multiple files at the same time. Much quicker than moving or uploading a single file at a time, and less cumbersome than copying an entire folder because it’s quicker than picking out the files you want.

How might this be practically used, and why, exactly would you want to select multiple files in this manner? Imagine this: you’ve just returned from an amazing weekend at Gen Con and you took a ton of pictures. Now you want to upload them to your Flickr account. Well, you want to add some of them. (There is that embarrassing picture of you meeting your favorite author in which you looking painfully awkward, and no one ever needs to see that.)

So, there must be some fast way to upload just the pics you want. Right?

Yep. On Flickr, go ahead and click on Upload and then Chose photos and videos.

ctrl click labeled

ctrl click flickr choose

When File Explorer opens on the computer, navigate to where you saved the pictures from Gen Con. Then hold down the Ctrl key while clicking the photos you want to upload. It can be 2 photos or 22—it doesn’t matter. Just be sure to hold down the Ctrl key the whole time. Click Open when you’re done and watch the pictures you selected upload.

ctrl click file explorer labeled

This same trick works on many websites, including Tumblr and OneDrive, and with files other than pictures, such as Word documents on Google Drive. If you’re in doubt as to whether a site supports Ctrl + Click, go ahead and give it a try. If you’re on a website where Ctrl + Click doesn’t work (such a Facebook), then every time you click on a new picture, the previous one will simply be unselected.

Many email programs also allow Ctrl + Click for adding multiple files to a single email message, including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. This way you can carefully choose exactly which pictures from your crazy weekend you send your mom.



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