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Library Card added to SmartPhone

Add your barcodes to a smartphone

My key chain is getting heavy.  Sounds like a funny statement once I put it into words.  Unfortunately, it’s true.  I have keys and cards from all of my favorite stores, restaurants, and my library on my key chain for ease of use.  Alas, now instead of cluttering my key chain, I’ve put all of the cards’ barcodes on my smart phone.

There are a number of different apps that you can use but on my Android phone I used CardStar.  It was easy to access and add my barcode numbers.


Getting Started:
1.  Download the CardStar app to your Android smart phone using the Google Play Store.
2.  Once the app is downloaded tap on the CardStar icon to open.
3.  Tap on the image with the plus sign to add a new barcode.


 4.  You may select from the list of options or tap Other to add a new barcode.card star 2

  5.  A new screen will open asking your to type your barcode or scan it.

6.  Once you have completed adding your barcode tap Save.


 7.  The next screen confirms your account information. If you tap on Title: Other you can change the name of the card from “Other” to “Stark County District Library”. Tap OK.


8.  Back to the account review screen. If you are finished here tap Done and your library card has been added to your CardStar app.


 Now your keychain is a little lighter and next time you visit the library you will not be fumbling through all of your cards. Simply grab your phone, tap the CardStar app, tap Stark County District Library and your library barcode will appear on your phone’s screen. Scan the barcode at one of our Express Checkout stations to begin your checkout process.