Ctrl + +/-

So, just because I had one of those round number, milestone birthdays this year, I am NOT think about getting older. Too often. I certainly don’t think about it more as a squint at my computer screen when I’m working in Microsoft Word and I already have it jacked up to 120%. And I don’t think it’s my eyes as much as it is the default settings in Firefox and Chrome that make everything on the Internet look so small.

Luckily, it doesn’t matter if it’s age or default settings, it’s easy to make everything on a webpage bigger, whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Better yet, the keyboard shortcut is pretty darn easy to remember: Ctrl + +. And even nicer, it doesn’t matter if you use the shift key.

Now, let me first explain what I mean when I say you don’t even have to use the shift key. On the standard keyboard, anything at the top of a key requires you to hit Shift at the same time. So, when you’re sending an e-mail and you need the @ sign, you don’t just hit the 2 key, you hold down the Shift key and the 2 at the same time in order to type @. The plus sign + is above the equal sign =, but to use the Zoom on the Internet, it works whether or not you just hit = or if you use the Shift key and the +.

keyboard cropped


So, let’s say you’re reading this very blog using the Chrome web browser. If Chrome is at 100%, it looks like this:

100 cropped

That’s kind of tiny, if you ask me. So I typed Ctrl and the plus sign + at the same time and it jumped up to 110%:

110 cropped

But let me just confess it now: I pretty much live at 125%. Here’s what that looks like when I type the same combination again:

125 cropped

Now, if I decide I need a webpage to be smaller, I use Ctrl + . The more times you hit either of these combinations, the larger, or smaller, the image and text on the page will become. No matter how old you are.



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