Holiday Pictures Hanging Around?

Hi Everyone,

If you are like me your holiday pictures tend to hang around on the mobile device you happen to be taking pictures with that day.  There are a number of ways to gather all of those photos in one spot.  There are also many online sites to store your photos but I tend to use my computer as my central location.

Getting Started:  First you will need to have photos in a digital format.  If you do not have a digital camera, you can have your photos put on a disk in digital format when you take your camera file for development.  Your camera or mobile device probably came with a USB cable or a memory card (sometimes you will receive both).  Photos may also be saved on a flash drive (thumb drive, USB drive) or disc.

Transfer Photos Step-by-Step:

Connect the camera to your computer.

  • This means plugging the USB cord into your camera and then into the USB drive on your computer; Or putting the memory card in the correct slot on your computer; Or inserting the flash drive into the USB drive on the computer; Or inserting the CD into the correct slot on your computer

Your computer should automatically open the Removable Disk dialog box. There are a number of options within this box.

If you would like to pick and choose which photos to transfer, then select Open device to view files.

image 1

  • Double click on the folder DCIM

image 2

  • All of your photos should be viewable as thumbnails – little previews of the actual photos.
  • Click and drag on any photo and move it to a storage location on your computer (Pictures, Desktop, etc.). Repeat this process for each photo you would like to transfer.

Look for our next blog on Organizing your Photos.





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