Wireless printing at the SCDL

The SCDL is now offering wireless printing at all of our locations. Our new system will allow you to print from mobile devices within the library, as well as devices at home or anywhere else you have internet access.

A complete list of locations, printing options, and other information can be found at https://starklibrary.org/home/services/print/.

There are two ways to submit prints to be picked up at at the SCDL. We’ll walk you through both options.

Print using a web browser

If you’re printing out a file from your computer, or just a web page you found online, you’ll probably find it easiest to use the web-based printing option.

To use our new wireless printing service, you must first decide which of our 10 locations you’d like to pick up your prints at. Each location has a different link you’ll need to use. Click one of the following links to access the wireless printing page for that location:

After you click on the link for the location you’d like to pick up your prints at, you’ll see this page:


First, you’ll need to select whether you would like your prints to be black-and-white or color. Black-and-white prints cost $0.15 per page, while color prints are $0.50 per page.


Next, enter an email address. You’ll have to provide this email address in order to pick up your prints, so be sure to type it in correctly.


Finally, you need to tell us what to print. You can either print out a file on your computer—the system can handle most common document and image formats—or else specify a webpage to print out.


To upload a file, click Browse… and navigate to where the file is stored on your computer. For a website, simply copy and paste the URL of the page you want to print.

Click the green printer icon at the bottom of the screen, and your prints will be submitted.


Print using email

If you’re on a mobile device or computer and just want to print out an email or attachment, you can simply send an email to the location of your choice. Your print job will be split into different parts—one for the actual email, and separate jobs for each attachment you send. Note that using this option, there are different email addresses for black-and-white and color prints.

Once you email your documents, you’ll receive a confirmation message that will detail what you’ve sent to the printer. As mentioned above, attachments are treated as separate print jobs. If, for instance, you only want to print out a Word document that was attached to an email, and not the email itself, you’ll have to specify this when you arrive at the library.

Picking up your prints

When you’re ready to pick up your prints at the location you specified, you have two options: Use a self-service print release station to pay for and release prints yourself, or have an SCDL staff member release the prints for you at a service desk.

To use a self-service print release station, select Release a Print Job, then enter your email address. You should see a list of print jobs you’ve submitted. Select the jobs you’d like to print, then insert money into the attached coin machine and select Print. Your prints can then be retrieved from the printer.

Of course, you can always see a staff member at one of our service desks for assistance in printing your documents.



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