Turn Off Text Preview of Notifications on an Android

I have an Android Smartphone that I love. I’ve owned a couple actually.  I really enjoy that I can customize them to react exactly how I want…usually.  On my older phones I had learned how to turn off the text notification preview, so if someone else was looking at my phone and a text message, Facebook message, What’sApp message etc.  came in only an icon would appear at the top of the screen but none of the message.  Many people use their phones for work and personal use and do not need personal information showing up on the screen in a preview while at work.  Alas, when I got my latest phone though I was irritated by the fact that I had lost the ability to hide just the preview of the message.  When I changed my settings to hide the preview I didn’t even get an icon indicating a message had come in.  That was not acceptable!

So, how do you fix this problem and get your phone to show icons that messages have come in but not show the text preview with it? Fortunately for me, and several people that have asked me about this, there’s an app that will fix this “problem”, if you don’t like the preview showing up. The app is called Headsoff.  Here’s a link with an explanation of how it works and how to install it on your phone.  I’ve been using the app for several months and so far, at least for me, it has been stable and preformed quit well.


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