Conversion with Google

I can’t remember if I ever mentioned this before, but in college, I majored in English and music. While I hate to be a stereotype, I have to admit that, as you might suspect, I’m pretty terrible at math. Luckily, I live in the age of the Internet, so I can cheat on math and I don’t need to remember basic measurement conversions. Google, in fact, makes it embarrassingly easy for me to be terrible at knowing 2 + 2 = 4 and that there are 4 whole quarts in a gallon.

And you, too, can be awful at numbers. Just go to and type in unit converter to get this handy dandy set of dropdown menus.

convert 1

The double arrow at the end of Length opens a menu when I can select what kind of measurement I wish to convert. Now, in addition to not having much aptitude for math, I’m also kind of a disaster in the kitchen, so Volume is one I find myself picking often.

convert 2

Once I’ve indicated that I want to convert one measure of Volume into another, I simply need to pick my specific units from the dropdown menus on either side of the equal sign and type the number of units in the first box that I want Google to convert, which will show up in the second box. So let’s imagine I have a recipe that calls for a pint of broth. I have a 16 ounce can of broth. Is that how much I need?

convert 3

Well, what do you know—it is! And my dinner, yet again, is saved by Google.

convert 4



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