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Wireless Printing on your Mobile Device

Many patrons are already aware that wireless printing is available at all Stark County District Library locations. You can print virtually any document or web page from your Internet connected device to any one of our library locations. That means you can print from your home, office, or coffee shop—anywhere you have internet access.

For most that means they use their computer to go to the wireless printing page on our website and upload their files through the browser. What you may not know is that our wireless printing service is also available for smart phones and tablets. Simply download the free Printer On app from your device’s app store. Add the library location you wish to print to. And then upload the file or URL you would like to print. Instructions with pictures are below.

  1. Search Printer On in your device’s app store.printer-on-_-01
  2. Download and open the app.
  3. Tap “No Printer Selected” at the bottom of the screen.printer-on-_-02
  4. Search for a printer either by Location or Search.printer-on-_-03
  5. Select the Stark County District Library location that you would like to send your prints to. printer-on-_-04
  6. Choose between color or black and white (black and white is 15¢ per copy/impression, and color is 50¢ per copy/impression.) printer-on-_-05
  7. Locate the file you wish to print by tapping on Photos if it’s a photo; Documents if it’s a document; etc. printer-on-_-06
  8. When you find the file tap the printer icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Print jobs will be held in the queue at the location they were sent to for 24 hours.

Printing costs apply. Black and White (B/W) is 15¢ per copy/impression, and Color is 50¢ per copy/impression.






Hoopla: Your Borrowing History

This week’s Hoopla find is the History section of your account.  Hoopla will keep your borrowing history for you. I find this a great way to keep track of the audio books that I have listened to in the past.  To ensure that your history is open, sign into your Hoopla account and select Settings. At the bottom of the screen you will see the History option make sure it is switched to Show.


To check your borrowing history, click on the My Hoopla option at the top of the page.  Then select History to reveal your list of items.


You can use your history for more than just tracking your borrowed items. The title is a link to the record so you may borrow it again if you want. It also holds the return date, format type, as well as the option to hide it from the list.


Just another way to enjoy your Hoopla account.


Hoopla: Filtering Comic Books

As you know I’m a big fan of Hoopla our online digital collection for audio, music and videos.  Did you know that it also has comic books.  Yep, comic books for kids, young adults and adults to borrow and read on their digital readers, smartphones or computers. One of the great thinks I like about Hoopla’s site is the ability to search by title but you can also filter or limit titles by popularity, age, release date and parental advisory.

How do you find these filters?

After logging into your Hoopla account click on the Browse option at the top or the site and then click on comics or other type of format.


At the bottom, right side of the screen you will find the Filter button.


The filter options will appear after you click or tap on the button.


You will know there active filters when the red triangle appears next to the Close or Filter button.hoopla-filter-comic-books-4 I think I’ve found one I’d like to read.  DC Universe The Deluxe Edition.  Why don’t you give one a try?



Hi Everyone,

The holidays are coming to end and it looks like, well, a balmy start to winter.  I confess, I’m the type of person who enjoys a cold, crisp day with gusty winds that promise an evening a snowfall.  I’d heat up the oven with anticipation of a warm loaf of bread and a bowl of hot soup.  Only one more thing would help to top the evening off, music.  Imagine, relaxing to the sounds of soft music as you indulge in an evening of snowfall and comfort foods.  I have stacks of music DVDs just calling my name.  Of course, that means I would need to go through all of them. Uhh…Or I could select the music from Hoopla, the library’s online music and audio catalog.  There were more than 2096 options for me to select from.  Sounds like a lot but all I did was limit to my favorite singers and select the download button.

The best part?  I don’t need to worry about clean up, equipment, or returning the music to the library or even a shelf at home.  Using our Smart TV or computer, I bring up the Internet and log into my Hoopla account from the library website.Viola! Afterwards, the music will return on its own. Maybe, I’ll check out offerings for this year’s 2017 Rock Hall Inductees. I saw quite a few albums by Joan Baez in the Hoopla listings this week.

Have a great day or should I say, have a wonderful evening filled with music