Hi Everyone,

The holidays are coming to end and it looks like, well, a balmy start to winter.  I confess, I’m the type of person who enjoys a cold, crisp day with gusty winds that promise an evening a snowfall.  I’d heat up the oven with anticipation of a warm loaf of bread and a bowl of hot soup.  Only one more thing would help to top the evening off, music.  Imagine, relaxing to the sounds of soft music as you indulge in an evening of snowfall and comfort foods.  I have stacks of music DVDs just calling my name.  Of course, that means I would need to go through all of them. Uhh…Or I could select the music from Hoopla, the library’s online music and audio catalog.  There were more than 2096 options for me to select from.  Sounds like a lot but all I did was limit to my favorite singers and select the download button.

The best part?  I don’t need to worry about clean up, equipment, or returning the music to the library or even a shelf at home.  Using our Smart TV or computer, I bring up the Internet and log into my Hoopla account from the library website.Viola! Afterwards, the music will return on its own. Maybe, I’ll check out offerings for this year’s 2017 Rock Hall Inductees. I saw quite a few albums by Joan Baez in the Hoopla listings this week.

Have a great day or should I say, have a wonderful evening filled with music



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