Hoopla: Filtering Comic Books

As you know I’m a big fan of Hoopla our online digital collection for audio, music and videos.  Did you know that it also has comic books.  Yep, comic books for kids, young adults and adults to borrow and read on their digital readers, smartphones or computers. One of the great thinks I like about Hoopla’s site is the ability to search by title but you can also filter or limit titles by popularity, age, release date and parental advisory.

How do you find these filters?

After logging into your Hoopla account click on the Browse option at the top or the site and then click on comics or other type of format.


At the bottom, right side of the screen you will find the Filter button.


The filter options will appear after you click or tap on the button.


You will know there active filters when the red triangle appears next to the Close or Filter button.hoopla-filter-comic-books-4 I think I’ve found one I’d like to read.  DC Universe The Deluxe Edition.  Why don’t you give one a try?



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