Wireless Printing on your Mobile Device

Many patrons are already aware that wireless printing is available at all Stark County District Library locations. You can print virtually any document or web page from your Internet connected device to any one of our library locations. That means you can print from your home, office, or coffee shop—anywhere you have internet access.

For most that means they use their computer to go to the wireless printing page on our website and upload their files through the browser. What you may not know is that our wireless printing service is also available for smart phones and tablets. Simply download the free Printer On app from your device’s app store. Add the library location you wish to print to. And then upload the file or URL you would like to print. Instructions with pictures are below.

  1. Search Printer On in your device’s app store.printer-on-_-01
  2. Download and open the app.
  3. Tap “No Printer Selected” at the bottom of the screen.printer-on-_-02
  4. Search for a printer either by Location or Search.printer-on-_-03
  5. Select the Stark County District Library location that you would like to send your prints to. printer-on-_-04
  6. Choose between color or black and white (black and white is 15¢ per copy/impression, and color is 50¢ per copy/impression.) printer-on-_-05
  7. Locate the file you wish to print by tapping on Photos if it’s a photo; Documents if it’s a document; etc. printer-on-_-06
  8. When you find the file tap the printer icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Print jobs will be held in the queue at the location they were sent to for 24 hours.

Printing costs apply. Black and White (B/W) is 15¢ per copy/impression, and Color is 50¢ per copy/impression.






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