More Offerings on Hoopla

The Hoopla digital site offers entertainment through movies, music, ebooks, audiobooks, comics and television.  With absolutely no waiting, titles can be streamed immediately or downloaded to your device to enjoy later. Seriously… no waiting!

In addition to entertainment, Hoopla also offers educational programs.  Interested in learning a new language?  Playing Chess?  Practicing Mindfulness?  Photography? Robotics?  Music & the Brain? All About Wine…and more?  All these topics of interest are offered on Hoopla as part of The Great Courses.  Each series is broken up into individual episodes so you can view and learn at your own pace.  So if you’re eager to learn something new, check out The Great Courses offered through Hoopla.


grc_2810s1e1_270                                        grc_9411s1e1_270                                    grc_912301_270
Spanish                                                 Chess                                               Wine



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