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How to watch YouTube videos on your TV

YouTube is one of the most popular websites for videos on the internet. There’s a lot of high-quality content on the site—and best of all, it’s free.  YouTube can be accessed via web browser on a computer or mobile device, but did you know you can also watch YouTube videos on your TV? Here are three simple ways to watch YouTube videos on the big screen.

Access the YouTube app on your streaming media player, smart TV, or game console

If you already have a streaming media player (like a Roku), smart TV, or a video game console, you can simply install and launch the YouTube app to watch videos on your TV. Go to your device’s app/channel store and search for YouTube, then download and install the app. Now you’ll have quick access to YouTube and can use a remote or game controller to browse for videos.

Cast videos from your phone to a streaming media player

Another way to play YouTube videos on your TV is to “cast” them from a smartphone or tablet to your TV. To do this, you’ll need a device like a Chromecast or Roku plugged into your TV. Launch the YouTube app on your mobile device and select a video to play it. At the top of the video, you’ll see a cast button. Press it and you should see your device/TV in the list of available devices. Select the correct one and watch as the video is sent from your mobile device to your TV. You can then control playback from your smartphone/tablet.

Connect your computer via HDMI

Even if you don’t have a streaming media player or smart TV, you’re not out of luck! One of the easiest ways to display a YouTube video on a TV screen is to simply plug your PC into your TV using an HDMI cable. When plugged in, a TV functions as a second display for a computer, so you can drag the window for the YouTube video onto your TV screen. You can also duplicate the display on your computer to see the same thing on both screens.


Recommended to Library on Ohio Digital Library

Hi Everyone,

There is a new feature on the Ohio Digital Library catalog: Recommended to Library. It allows our patrons to recommend titles to their library for purchasing.

To recommend a title for purchase:

Sign into the Ohio Digital Library using your SCDL library card. Don’t have a card? Use our online form to apply today.

Search for an item using a title, author, or keyword search. I searched for Day One by Nate Keyon and discovered it wasn’t in the collection.

I then scrolled to the bottom of the page to discover a list of item.

recommend a purchase

Since I see my title, I can select the RECOMMEND option.

Recommend purchase 2

I can place my name on the wait list and then get an email notifying me that my hold is available. Or I can recommend the purchase but not placed on a wait list for the item.

Notice there isn’t a guarantee that the item can be purchased.

I wanted to be place on the wait list and then be notified. I then selected RECOMMEND.

recommend a purchase 3

I was offered other selections from the catalog while I waited. I decided to wait and selected the X to close the window.

I was taken back to the page where I started and discovered that my request title has now changed status to RECOMMENDED.

Recommend a purchase 4

This was too easy! I think I look for more of my favorite titles.

Happy reading!



eBooks are a Great Resource for Job Hunters

Recently I created a display for Resumes and Job Hunting. When I was doing this, I decided to also showcase eBooks. I was surprised at the resources found in Hoopla and Ohio eBooks (Libby). That is why I decided to include this in this blog post.

Hoopla was the biggest surprise to me. A year ago, there weren’t very many books on Hoopla, and the books were difficult to read. Today, Hoopla has added a lot more books, and the format is easy to open and read. They also have a lot more books on jobs and Resumes than Ohio Overdrive.

The great news is that Overdrive (Libby) and Hoopla are both free with a Library Card, and are easily accessible. They both have a great selection of books for the Job Hunter and for the everyday reader. Capture.PNG eBooks