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Returning Ohio Digital Library items @ SCDL

SCDL Mobile AppMany patrons know they can order they digital materials directly from the SCDL online catalog. But did you know you can also return your Ohio Digital Library items from the online catalog as well?

To return your ODL items from the SCDL online catalog, sign in to your SCDL online account. You will need your library card number and pin.

My account

Find your account information by selecting your name at the top of the screen.

Account Name

Once your are into your account, select My eBooks.

eBooks 1

Your digital items from the Ohio Digital Library will appear in a list. Each item will have the title, author, checkout information, provider, Check In and Get eContent options.

eBooks 2

  1. Title: Select the title to view the item’s record. eBooks3 Note: Use the back button to return to your account.
  2. Date: The date feature provides the item’s due date as well as the number of days remaining until item in automatically returned. ebook4
  3. EBook Provider: The ebook provided indicates the lending library. This logo is the Ohio Digital Library and OverDrive. ebook 5
  4. Check In: You may return your digital item by selecting Check In. eBook6     eBook7
  5. Get eContent: You can download your digital item directly from your SCDL online account by selecting the appropriate digital format. Note: It is best to do this from the device you will be accessing your digital materials. ex: Tablet, eReader, computer with proper apps.

ebook 8

Now you can keep track and work with your printed and Ohio Digital Library digital materials using your SCDL online catalog.

Happy ready,



Preferred Searches @ SCDL

SCDL Mobile App If you have a busy life like mine, searching for my favorite author’s new release or the next book in a series often goes to the bottom of the priority list. With Preferred Searches set up on my SCDL online account, I will receive an email letting me know when an item has been added to the collection.

Setting up a Preferred Search in your SCDL online account is easy and only requires your SCDL card number and pin.

Begin with signing into your library account.

Preferred Search 1

Log in to your SCDL online account using your library card number and pin.

Preferred Search 2

Select your name at the top of the page to open you online account. Then select Preferred Searches from the list to see what searches you have ready.

Preferred Search 3

To create a Preferred Search

Select the Classic Catalog option at the bottom of the page.

Preferred Search 4

Enter in your search terms as a Keyword, Author, or Series. There additional options under the drop down arrow. You can also narrow your item format using the drop down arrow for the View Entire Collection option. When ready select Submit.

Preferred Search 5

Your search will generate a list of items focusing on your search type, search terms, and collection options. The list will change as items are added or removed from the collection. When ready select Save as preferred search.

Preferred Search 6

Notice there are additional options for you to select.

  • Limit to titles which aren’t in my Reading History-Your list will not include items you have already read if you have the Reading History opted on.
  • Limit search to available items-Your list will only include items that are available at the time the list is selected from your Preferred List option.
  • Sorted by relevance | date | title-Your list will appear in the order of relevance. You may change it to Date or Title.

Now each time you select Preferred Searches from the list on your online account, you search will generate a new list with your search criteria.

Preferred Search 7

Happy Reading,


Creating a (Wish) List of Books and more @ SCDL

SCDL Mobile App Wondering what your next great read be? Discovered an interesting title while placing a hold on another? Or perhaps a friend recommended a book for later reading. Where can you keep a list that automatically links to the library for easy ordering when you are ready for it? Look no further, your SCDL online account can generate title lists connected to the catalog for easy access.

Access your SCDL online account from the library’s website.

My SCDL account

Log in to your SCDL account using your library card number and pin.

Account Log In

Access your Lists from your account.

My List 1

My List 2

To create a list locate the Classic Catalog option at the bottom of the page.

My List 3

Generate a Keyword, Author, even a Series search for your item(s) and then select Submit.


My List 4

Select Save to Book Cart to begin creating your list. You may select one title or as many as needed to complete your list. You may also add titles later.

My List 5

Select View Book Cart.

My List 6

Check each item you want on your list; select the drop down arrow and select Create a new list from the options; select Go.

My List 7

Give your list a title and description and then select Go.

My List 8

My List 10

When finished logout of the classic catalogy.

Now when you open up your SCDL account you will see your My Lists.

My List 11

Select a list and then select a title to open up the record in the catalog for requesting.

My List 12

Now you can enjoy adding titles to you lists for future reference.

Happy Reading,


Your Reading History @ SCDL

SCDL Mobile AppSo you remembered over the weekend that last year you had borrowed a book from the library containing recipes for cupcakes. It also contained a recipe for buttercream icing. Now what was the title humm….

Keeping a reading history is a great way to track the books you’ve read and to refer back to when things like recipes are needed. While not a wish list, it can even help you to decide what to read next. On your SCDL online account you have the option to participate in a reading history.

To find your reading history, first sign in to your SCDL online account.  You will need your library card number and pin.

My account

Find your account information by selecting your name at the top of the screen.

Account Name

Once you are into your account, select My Reading History from the list on the left side of the screen.

Reading History Link

Locate and select the Opt In button.

My Reading History Opt In

Now each time you check out an item from any location or online resource the title, author, date and number of copy details will add to your Reading History. Notice you can Delete items, Delete All items, Export your Reading History or Opt Out. You can even Print your list using the Print option on the right side of the screen.

Reading History Opt In window

If you see a title you would like to order again, click on the item title.

book information

You are taken to the item record where you may request the title or place it on hold.

Happy reading,