Preferred Searches @ SCDL

SCDL Mobile App If you have a busy life like mine, searching for my favorite author’s new release or the next book in a series often goes to the bottom of the priority list. With Preferred Searches set up on my SCDL online account, I will receive an email letting me know when an item has been added to the collection.

Setting up a Preferred Search in your SCDL online account is easy and only requires your SCDL card number and pin.

Begin with signing into your library account.

Preferred Search 1

Log in to your SCDL online account using your library card number and pin.

Preferred Search 2

Select your name at the top of the page to open you online account. Then select Preferred Searches from the list to see what searches you have ready.

Preferred Search 3

To create a Preferred Search

Select the Classic Catalog option at the bottom of the page.

Preferred Search 4

Enter in your search terms as a Keyword, Author, or Series. There additional options under the drop down arrow. You can also narrow your item format using the drop down arrow for the View Entire Collection option. When ready select Submit.

Preferred Search 5

Your search will generate a list of items focusing on your search type, search terms, and collection options. The list will change as items are added or removed from the collection. When ready select Save as preferred search.

Preferred Search 6

Notice there are additional options for you to select.

  • Limit to titles which aren’t in my Reading History-Your list will not include items you have already read if you have the Reading History opted on.
  • Limit search to available items-Your list will only include items that are available at the time the list is selected from your Preferred List option.
  • Sorted by relevance | date | title-Your list will appear in the order of relevance. You may change it to Date or Title.

Now each time you select Preferred Searches from the list on your online account, you search will generate a new list with your search criteria.

Preferred Search 7

Happy Reading,



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