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Hoopla and Comic Books

Hoopla Digital is an online resource that is offered by the Stark County District Library.

Hoopla offers Audio books, Movies, Music, Comics, EBooks and Television.

One of the features in Hoopla is the Comic Book selection.

***Hint, Graphic novels are included in this category.


There are 12,769 comics that range from kids to adult, with more being added.

With a range of categories that can be chosen, from Abrams-Zenescope.

Capture.PNG 1


Nonfiction comic books are also included.


There is even a category for DC’s 25 Essential Graphic Novels.

Capture.PNG 3

So, for a wider range of comic book and graphic novel reading, Hoopla is an excellent alternative.


Google Movie Maker

Did you know that you could make a short movie with Google Photos. It can only be done with an Android phone or tablet, but this has me excited. So, not only am I able to edit my photos that I take using Google Photos, I am now able to use those same photos to make a short movie with music and photos.

Image result for google photo movie

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app  
  2. Sign in to your Google Account
  3. At the bottom, tap Assistant
  4. At the top, tap Movie
  5. Select photos or videos you want in the movie
  6. At the top right, tap Create
  7. To add a title, at the top, tap Untitled
  8. For Music, tap Music
  9. For Themes, tap Themes
  10. To Remove or reorder clips, tap Edit
  11. When you’re done editing, tap Done

*For any Google Support questions, is a great place to start.

eBooks are a Great Resource for Job Hunters

Recently I created a display for Resumes and Job Hunting. When I was doing this, I decided to also showcase eBooks. I was surprised at the resources found in Hoopla and Ohio eBooks (Libby). That is why I decided to include this in this blog post.

Hoopla was the biggest surprise to me. A year ago, there weren’t very many books on Hoopla, and the books were difficult to read. Today, Hoopla has added a lot more books, and the format is easy to open and read. They also have a lot more books on jobs and Resumes than Ohio Overdrive.

The great news is that Overdrive (Libby) and Hoopla are both free with a Library Card, and are easily accessible. They both have a great selection of books for the Job Hunter and for the everyday reader. Capture.PNG eBooks







Multi Tasking on the iPad

Apple has created 3 great ways to Multi task using an Ipad. Single-use tasking was always a drawback with the Ipad, except for music apps like Pandora. Now, with the new iOS 9 and 10 update, multi tasking is available. has a great article on Multitasking with the Ipad.

There are 3 ways to multitask on an iPad that came with the new iOS 9 update. The multitasking views are only available on newer iPads. These views are: Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture.

To turn Multitasking features on or off, go to Settings > General > Multitasking

  1. Slide Over View allows you to launch apps from a right column on the iPad’s screen. This lets you interact with a second app without leaving the app you’re currently using. You can quickly check your text messages, respond to emails, or create a note.
  2. Split View splits the screen in half and allows 2 apps on the screen. While slide-over lets you briefly interact with an app and then hide it, split-view allows you to use two apps alongside one another at the same time. Currently, you will need an iPad Air 2 to use this feature.
  3. Picture in Picture allows the user to watch a video and use another app at the same time, similar to the TV’s Picture in a picture mode.

*To use any of these multi-tasking tools, an app(s) must be opened.

Multiple Emails Merged

Capture.PNG titleI have a lot of email accounts. For a long time, I found myself going through these accounts one by one. This takes a lot of time. Then, by accident, I found out that I could add all of my email accounts into one account through “Gmail.” I felt like celebrating. Then, I had to figure out how to do this. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

  1. Open the Gmail account you want to import from.
  2. At the top right corner, click on the gear    gear.PNG
  3. Select Settings from the drop down menu   Capture.PNG2
  4. Then, select the forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  5. In the “POP Download” section, select Enable POP for all mail.
  6. At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.
  7. Then, go to Accounts and Import tab.
  8. Go down to Check mail from other accounts, and select Add a POP3 mail account you own.   Capture.PNG3.PNG
  9. It will ask for the email address.   Capture.PNG4.PNG
  10. Then, you will be asked for your password for that email account.
    Click, Add account.
    Just follow steps 7-10 for every account that you want added.

***Using Gmail Settings allows users to import contacts, filter and block users, and lets the user access to their account information


How to Renew Digital Titles through the OverDrive App or Ohio Digital Library

Renewing a digital book is a little different from renewing a physical book through the library. It’s not hard to renew a digital book, though. But there are a couple of things you need to remember.  The Renew option becomes available 3 days before a book is due. As long as there are no holds on the book, it can be checked out again. If it isn’t available, the book can be placed on hold and you will receive a notice when it becomes available for you to checkout again.

These simple directions will help to Renew titles.

1. Sign into your Account on your OverDrive app, or on Ohio Digital Library

2. Now go to your Ohio Digital Library Account. This will be in the top, right corner and will say Account.


3. Locate the item you would like to renew in your Checkout area of your account.

NOTE: If it’s before the 3 day time frame to renew, the renewal option will not appear.









4. Now select the Renew link next to the title you’d like to renew.

5. Enter and confirm your email address in the renewal form, then select Renew.


6. Once you renew a title, you will see a check mark and the word Renewed next to that title on your Checkouts page.


Look for more helpful suggestions throughout the year.