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Create Keyboard Shortcut List in Word

Stop searching the Internet for a list of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft.  You can follow these simple instructions and Word to create your own list to keep or share.

Create a list of shortcut commands in Microsoft Office Word

Creating Shortcut list in word1. Select the View tab

2. Select Macros from the Macros group

3. Select View Macros

Creating Shortcut list in word2

4.  Type Listcommands in the Macro name field (note: do not add a space in the title line)

5. Select Run

Creating Shortcut list in word3

6. Select Current keyboard settings 

7. Select OK

Your list of shortcut commands will appear in a table in your Word document.  Now you may save or print the list for future referencing.Creating Shortcut list in word4

Give it a try!



NoveList for Parents and Educators

NoveList is a database for connecting readers with books, covering all age groups, fiction and nonfiction. It’s the perfect thing for finding your next read, pointing to books similar to the ones you have already enjoyed. Simply enter a title, author, or series and get a list of other books with similar themes and appeal. But that’s not all you can do with NoveList. It’s also a great resource for finding books that fit Common Core requirements. And you can use NoveList in any Stark County District Library or from home. To access NoveList, go to and select NoveList Plus from the alphabetical list. A valid Stark County District Library card is required for using the database outside the Library.

From the NoveList home page, hover over Quick Links and then click on Common Core.

novelist 1

Once on the Common Core page, select whatever Grade level you are interested in.

novelist 2

Simply browse the list of books and topics or Refine the search using the limiters along the left side. (Most lists are short enough to be browsed comfortably, and I think this is a better way to look for books than limiting, but that’s merely my personal preference.)

novelist 3

Once you’ve chosen a book or topic, the record shows which Common Core Standards the books meets, as well as providing questions for the student to answer about the book. If you select a topic, such as Civil Rights, the questions include comparing the books.

novelist 4

And this is just one feature NoveList provides that’s great for in helping students find books. You can also search by Lexile Range and ATOS Book Level. If you’re a parent or teacher, or even just someone interested in finding great books to read, I will be teaching a class on how to use NoveList at the North Branch Library Wednesday, July 13 at 6:00 pm. Click here  to register or give me a call at the Library.